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Dear Passengers!

LLC “Severstal Aircompany” (further “Severstal-avia”) is ready to present you on-line booking and payment service (further “Booking” and “Payment”) on the flights of Severstal-avia in the manner and on the terms provided by the given Rules.

Please, study the terms of the given Rules before using this service. Severstal-avia retains the right to correct the Rules without preliminary notification to a User. The new Rules come into effect from the time of their publication on the website

The booking system is based on “Oxygen” software, developed by “Sirena-travel” CJSC.

The passenger is responsible for the accuracy while entering his passport information.

For booking tickets on-line follow the link.

Please note!

Passenger’s surname, first name, father`s name (if any) and document number are entered in Russian and/or Latin letters. When entering foreign passport data — enter the way it’s written in your foreign passport. When entering birth certificate data — enter the document serial number. Please note, document number is entered without a space.

The contacts column “Client” is necessary to fill. If you are a passenger, please, re-enter your contacts in this column.

The document, certifying the Agreement between a passenger and Severstal-avia is a passenger`s itinerary receipt, which is received at the time an electronic ticket is issued.

In case, you confirmed the ticket on the website and didn’t get your on-line ticket’s itinerary receipt via e-mail, you can also check the ticket on the website in the window Booking on-line => Check the order by entering your reservation code or the ticket number and the passenger’s last name.

Please note, after the carriage is completed the itinerary receipt is not available any more.

Payment options:

Bank card

For choosing to pay by a bank card as a payment method it’s necessary to push the button “Payment by a bank card” on the appropriate web page. The payment is performed through “SBERBANK” PJSC, which accepts bank cards of the following payment service providers:

When choosing this method of payment, please, note that there’s a time-limit for booking, during which the booking has to be paid up. Otherwise flight segments will be canceled automatically.

Payment for the fares and taxes specified in foreign currency on the territory of the Russian Federation shall be made in rubles and calculated according to the system exchange rate of The Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

The number of foreign banks charge an extra fee as bank commission for the on-line payment. For more information about the payment conditions connect your card-issuing bank.

According to the rules of international payment system (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) the Airline retains the right to specify passenger’s circumstances of airline booking and its payment using the provided contact information, as well as to suspend flight tickets in case of non-receipt of payment on “Severstal-Avia” account.

If you need any financial accounting documents about the flight, keep your boarding pass and itinerary receipt. Please, note that the cash register receipts are not issued. In accordance with the Order № 117 of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation dated 18.05.2010, the letter № 03-03-06 / 1/649 of the Ministry of Finance dated 07.09.2007 and the letter № 20-12 / 124839 of the Federal Tax Service of Russia in Moscow dated 27.12.2007 documents confirming the flight are the itinerary receipt together with the boarding pass. Duplicates of boarding passes are not issued.

After booking and successful ticket payment through the Internet you will receive a confirmation page with a booking confirmation code and an e-ticket number. On the e-mail address you had provided during booking, you will receive a message about your successful reservation and online payment with an attached e-ticket receipt in PDF format, containing the full information about the details of your trip.

At check-in it is enough to show an e-ticket printout and a document certifying the identity of a passenger.

We wish you a pleasant journey!