“Welcome” cards issuance is suspended

The “Welcome” card gives you the opportunity to purchase air tickets for the flights from Cherepovets to St. Petersburg; from St. Petersburg to Cherepovets and from Cherepovets to Domodedovo; from Domodedovo to Cherepovets at an exclusive rate.

Terms of use:

  1. “Welcome” card is virtual and is only intended for purchases on the website www.severstal-avia.ru
  2. The card is personalized and can not be transferred to another person;
  3. Air tickets by “Welcome” card can only be purchased on the official website of Severstal-Avia www.severstal-avia.ru. To purchase a ticket on-line, select the target flight in a booking window, in the “Reduced rate” box enter “Welcome” and continue booking and paying for the ticket;
  4. The “Welcome” card owner buys an air ticket at a reduced rate, actual for the date of purchase;
  5. This card provides a discount for infants under 2 years old — 100% of the fare. Children aged 2 to 12 years are not provided with a discount. Cards for children under 12 years old are not provided;
  6. A voluntary refund of the ticket purchased by “Welcome” card is not allowed. The voluntary change of the air carriage conditions is allowed after the ticket purchase 24 hours before departure or earlier, the fee is not charged. The number of voluntary changes in the air carriage conditions is limited to one time. The voluntary change in the air carriage conditions is not permitted later than 24 hours before the flight departure and after the flight departure.
  7. The “Welcome” card validity period is not limited;
  8. The number of seats according to the rate is limited.

Severstal Avia retains the right to change the terms of the “Welcome” program unilaterally, information about the changes is available on the website www.severstal-avia.ru.