Group travelling

Group Fare may differ from the individual booking Fares published on the Airline`s official website

A group of passengers means passengers travelling together and for one purpose on one or more segments of a route in the number of 15 (fifteen) and more adults (over 12 years old) who need a group booking and fit the requirements of a Group Fare.

The carriage rate depends on the load (demand) of a particular flight and is determined on the basis of the data provided in the application.

The Airline`s standard free baggage allowance is applied to each group member. The summing-up of the free baggage allowance weight is not allowed. Baggage is checked in for each passenger separately. Exceeding baggage is charged extra. Information about the Fares and Conditions find here.

Group travelling application

Leave the request for a group booking and we will try to find the best solution for you. Each group requires filling in a separate application.

Group travelling application form

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