Passengers with disabilities

Before buying a ticket, consult your doctor:

  • Whether the flight is permitted from a medical point of view
  • Whether any precautions should be taken
  • Whether an accompanying person is required in flight

Be sure to inform the Airline about the planned flight of a disabled passenger in one of the following ways:

  1. When buying a ticket at the agency or booking department of the Airline inform the booking agent: if you carry a wheelchair (with indication of its type: mechanical or battery, weight, dimensions), if you need assistance in moving around the airport, or other details.
  2. When buying a ticket on website, fill in and send an application form below for the carriage coordination.


  • Wheelchair transportation
  • Check-in and boarding

Carriage coordination application form

Transportation Organization Service

Special service at the airport "Cherepovets"

Requests for the provision of special assistance to passengers at airports and on board an aircraft are forwarded to the airline you are planning to fly with. Therefore, if you need special assistance, be sure to contact your airline directly with a service request at least 48 hours before departure.

Upon arrival at the airport "Cherepovets" you can use a special button to call the airport employee, located to the right of the entrances to the terminals of the airport terminal. If you are already at the airport, you need to contact the information desk (ticket office) located next to the check-in desks to call an employee who will help you.

Parking places for cars of passengers with disabilities and other persons with disabilities at the Cherepovets airport are located in front of the terminal building:

Layout of parking lots and places for walking guide dogs.


If you have sent an application to the airline in advance for service using the necessary special equipment, you will be provided with escort and assistance at the Cherepovets airport without charging an additional fee:

  • when a passenger moves in the terminal building, including the provision of a wheelchair;
  • in check-in and baggage registration;
  • when going through pre-flight formalities;
  • when boarding an aircraft, including, if necessary, using an ambulift as a priority;
  • assistance in walking guide dogs.

If you have not contacted the airline and requested assistance directly at the Cherepovets airport, the following services will be provided to you without charging an additional fee:

  • meeting at the place of arrival of the passenger and providing assistance when moving around the airport;
  • provision of a wheelchair for the passenger to independently move around the airport;
  • assistance in walking guide dogs.

You can go through all the stages of the procedures before departure on your own: check-in for the flight, pre-flight procedures, be sure to inform at check-in about the assistance you need when boarding the aircraft.


At the request submitted by the passenger when booking and concluding an air carriage agreement (buying an air ticket), the following services are provided without additional charges:

  • disembarking a passenger from an aircraft using a wheelchair and (or) ambulift;
  • in the absence of accompanying persons - assistance in moving hand luggage carried by the passenger on board the aircraft;
  • personal meeting of the passenger upon exiting the aircraft cabin at the airport;
  • escort and assistance in moving the passenger in the terminal building.

You can familiarize yourself with the procedure for providing special services at other airports on the official website of the airport from / to which you will be departing / arriving.

Contact Information

For special services, you can contact us through the the feedback on this website.