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Rules and information for the flight passengers Print

Free baggage carriage. The carry-on baggage.

On top of the free baggage allowance stipulated by carriers, the following items are allowed into the aircraft passenger cabin provided they are hand-carried and not stowed with the rest a passenger’s carry-on baggage.

  • an attaché case
  • a plastic bag
  • a bouquet of flowers
  • a lady’s handbag or a paper folder
  • periodicals for in-fight reading
  • an umbrella or a walking stick
  • a coat or a raincoat
  • baby food
  • a travel baby cot, a collapsible wheelchair and/or crutches if needed by a passenger.
  • baby cots, wheelchairs and/or crutches can be carried in aircraft cargo holds.

Rules to carry domestic animals by an airplane on the RF territory.

Pet owners are allowed to transport one or two dog(s) or cat(s) on condition of availability of a standard veterinary certificate duly endorsed by the Airport’s animal quarantine service, containing information on the animal’s clinical health and vaccination(s) against rabies.  The vaccination is to be made no earlier than 30 days and no later than 12 months prior to departure.

Only the documents issued by state veterinary clinics within 3 days of departure shall be considered valid.
The terms of carriage (availability of a pet kennel or cage, the carriage tariff etc.) shall be explained to you by the carrier airline’s representative or ticket agent at the time of ticket purchase.


Carriage of the following organic material is forbidden:

  •  topsoil, live rooted plants, plant tubers, bulbs and other seeding material. 
  • seeds, fresh fruit and vegetables in parcels, carry-on and hold luggage exceeding 5 kilograms in weight.      

Allowed to be imported into Russia without the otherwise requisite Import Quarantine Permissions and Plant Quarantine Certificates issued by the country of origin are

  • foodstuffs for immediate and near-term consumption: starch, hops, ground coffee, tea, packaged refined lump sugar. 
  • spice and kitchen herbs.
  •  processed rice straw for industrial goods, cone junk, trimming wood, corkwood, wool, hides, henna and basma;
  • crude drugs
  • phytogenous (plant-origin) products, free from quarantine organisms and up to 5 kilograms in weight in passengers’, flight and cabin crews’ luggage and mailings.

The Import Quarantine Permissions are issued basing on the application made by a consignee to the address of the State Quarantine Plant Inspection.

Dangerous items and substances that are not allowed for air carriage.

For flight safety and security reasons the passengers are forbidden to carry either on their person or in their carry-on or checked baggage the following dangerous items and substances:

  • Pressurized or liquefied gases – flammable, non-flammable or toxic: butane, oxygen, propane, pressurized SCUBA oxygen tanks;
  • Caustic substances – acids, alkali, or batteries that contain them, mercury and devices that contain it.
  • Explosive substances and devices – ammunition and related equipment, pyrotechnic devices and flares;
  • Flammable fluids and solid substances – lighter fluids, matches and other incandescent and flammable items and substances.
  • Radioactive substances and devices that contain them;
  • Briefcases and attaché cases with built-in theft alarms;
  • Oxidizers – bleaches and peroxides;
  • Poisons – arsenic, cyanides, insecticides and herbicides;
  • Infectious and contagious substances – bacteria and/or viruses
  • Other dangerous items, devices, and substances - magnetized, aggressive substances, irritants and allergens.

Allowed for carriage in carry-on or checked baggage are limited quantities of medications, perfume and strong drinks – a maximum of 2 liters or kilos per passenger.

Carriage of hunting guns, equipment and dry ice is allowed in limited numbers and quantities and under certain conditions. Additional information can be given by your carrier (airline). The fire arms carriage in the aircraft passenger’s cabin is strictly prohibited.